FIFA 23 set pieces guide: New free kicks, corners & penalties

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FIFA 23 set pieces

FIFA 23 is coming with a major overhaul to set pieces, completely changing how players take free kicks, corners, and penalties. We’ve got a step-by-step guide on all of the new set pieces in FIFA 23 here.

FIFA 23 is set to drop on September 30, and it’s looking to put a full stop to the series as we know it with a number of changes that fans have been calling for. Crossplay will be supported for the first time, and we can expect a number of improvements to Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

There are also some huge changes coming on the pitch thanks to HyperMotion 2, and set pieces have received one of the biggest revamps. Here’s everything you to know about how to take free kicks, corners, and penalties in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 free kicks

FIFA 23 player taking free kick

Free kicks in FIFA 23 look drastically different from FIFA 22, with the circular reticle being scrapped in favor of a more intuitive trajectory line. This allows players to see exactly which direction the ball will travel over the first few yards, and can be adjusted with the left stick.

Meanwhile, using the right stick, players can determine where the taker will strike the ball, applying spin to change the type of shot. For example, aiming towards the right of the ball will lead to a curled shot over the wall, whereas nearer the top will let you sneak one under the wall.

A handy text box will explain exactly which type of shot you’ve currently got lined up, from a curler to a ferocious knuckleball, along with a new display showing the stats of your chosen taker.

Check out a step-by-step guide on free kicks in FIFA 23 below:

  1. Use the left stick to adjust the trajectory line
  2. Choose a shot type and apply spin with the right stick
  3. Hold the shoot button to power up the shot
  4. Press shoot again to activate Timed Finishing for an extra accuracy boost
  5. Watch the ball sail into the net

FIFA 23 corners

FIFA 23’s corners function very similarly to free kicks, only your crossing the ball into the box rather than trying to score directly. Once again, aiming is done with a trajectory line moved horizontally by the left stick.

The right stick alters the type of delivery by adding a variety of spin, meaning you can get under the ball to float it to the back post, or go for an outswinger to try and draw the goalkeeper out of position.

All of this, combined with the amount of power you put on will determine roughly where the corner will land. Here’s an easy guide on how to take corners in FIFA 23:

  1. Use the left stick to choose a direction, aiming for the player you want to win the header
  2. Choose a cross-type by applying spin with the right stick
  3. Keep an eye on the text explaining what kind of cross will be performed
  4. Hold the cross button to power up the corner

FIFA 23 penalties

FIFA 23 features the most realistic penalties to date, recreating the intense pressure that real strikers are subjected to. Penalties now work on a timing system indicated by an expanding and shrinking composure ring seen around the ball.

Hitting shoot when the circle is smallest ensures the penalty will be as accurate as possible, while mistiming will see your shot hit row Z. Pressing shoot begins the runup, giving players a few seconds to aim before they strike the ball.

The speed that the composure circle changes size depends on the skill of the penalty taker, as well as how significant the spot kick is. So, expect a 90th-minute penalty to win the game to be much faster than it would be in the first 10 minutes.

  1. Watch the composure circle surrounding the ball
  2. Press shoot when the circle is at its smallest for maximum accuracy
  3. Hold down R1/RB or L1/LB at the same time as shoot to execute a finesse or chip shot
  4. Use the left stick to direct the shot before the ball is struck

That was everything you need to know about set pieces in FIFA 23. These new systems may seem alien at first, but they ultimately add far more skill to free kicks, corners, and penalties.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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