FIFA 23 leaks suggest major changes coming to Ultimate Team mode

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According to leaks, the popular Ultimate Team mode will undergo significant changes in FIFA 23 that will impact team chemistry and team building.

The TOTS promo has signaled the final act of FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team game mode. The exciting promo has offered a ton of incredible players to test out before interest in the game begins to dwindle leading up to FIFA 23.

Despite a rumored release date of late September, players are already anticipating an excellent iteration of the franchise next year before EA shifts the series to EA Sports FC. Ultimate Team will remain the main attraction with FIFA 23, and leaks are suggesting that the mode will undergo major changes.

How does chemistry work in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

For years, chemistry has been a vital aspect of Ultimate Team squad building that players had to be mindful of. To produce the best results on the pitch, you’d attempt to build a squad with 100 chemistry.

Football clubs, leagues, and player nationalities are used to determine a player’s individual chemistry rating from 1 to 10 in FIFA 22. The higher the chemistry, the better each player performs in-game

However, the chemistry feature is set to undergo a massive overhaul in FIFA 23 according to FIFA leaker Weaver – FUT.

It’s important to take the following information lightly, as these leaks are subject to change prior to FIFA 23’s release. Nonetheless, these changes are quite massive and they would certainly shake up the Ultimate Team mode.

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It seems the chemistry rework would eliminate individual player chemistry and a team chemistry rating of up to 100, with a star rating system to determine chemistry. Weaver suggests that a squad can reach up to three stars for maximum chemistry.

How chemistry will be determined in this new system remains to be seen but the leaker does reveal another vital bit of information in that every nation and league will allow for chemistry between players. This would be a huge change for the Ultimate Team game mode in FIFA 23 that would open the door to an infinite number of squad building possibilities.

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