FIFA 23: How to score a bicycle kick

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FIFA 23 score bicycle kick

The FIFA 23 bicycle kick is one of the most impressive goals you can score. Whether you’re looking to style on your Ultimate Team opponent or win a trophy with a memorable goal in Career Mode, here’s how to do a bicycle kick in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 gameplay offers players a ton of chances to show off their inventiveness and creativity. One of the best ways to do so is to master FIFA 23’s skill moves, but flashy goals can also get the job done.

Of all the types of goals you can score in FIFA 23, none are as eye-catching and satisfying to pull off as the famed bicycle kick. This acrobatic goal is sure to leave your opponents rattled in Division Rivals, FUT Champions, and even Career Mode.

Here’s everything you need to know about scoring a bicycle kick goal in FIFA 23.

How to do a bicycle kick in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 bicycle kick

To perform a bicycle kick shot in EA’s FIFA 23, you need to hold L2 or LT and shoot as the ball is in the air.

While the bicycle kick is certainly an astounding goal to pull off, you’ll realize that executing one to perfection is quite difficult. Bicycle kick goals are rare, but if you hone your senses to sniff out the perfect timing, your efficiency will skyrocket.

Similar to the notorious Trivela shot, Bicycle kick goals in FIFA 23 are all about timing. The positioning of the player in relation to the ball is the most vital aspect of pulling off a bicycle kick. Ideally, the ball will be slightly ahead of the player whose back is to the goal.

This position will allow you to wrap your foot behind the ball and hopefully not send it way over the bar.

It’s important to note that players with the Flair trait are more likely to strike the ball cleanly when attempting a bicycle kick in FIFA 23. Therefore, it’s important to study your squad of players and know their strengths before you attempt one.

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