FIFA 23 Career Mode changes: Authentic managers, playable highlights, transfer evaluations

Matt Porter
Kylian Mbappe in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 will introduce a number of major changes to the game’s popular Career Mode, shacking up both player and manager saves with new features. From Personality Traits to transfer evaluations, here’s everything new in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

FIFA 23 is the final installment of the long-running series, as the world’s biggest football game prepares to transform into EA Sports FC for the 2023/24 season. With new HyperMotion 2 technology for the most realistic football experience ever and major set piece changes, there’s plenty to look forward to.

While Ultimate Team dominates discussion every year, FIFA’s Career Mode has a loyal fanbase, filled with players who want to live their dream as a player or guide their favorite teams to glory as a manager.

For those who love Career Mode, the good news is that EA Sports are bringing a number of additions to the game, across both player and manager saves. Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23’s Career Mode.

Manchester City's Jack Grealish striking the ball in FIFA 23

Playable Highlights

Are you sick of playing every minute of every game during a season? Does simming to the result leave you feeling like you have no control? Then say hello to Playable Highlights, a new system that bridges the gap between the two.

Playable Highlights allows players to choose when they take control of key moments to help “define the result of a match.” From a last-minute attack to defending for your life in injury time, Playable Highlights will let players take part in “dynamically-generated highlights” that could make or break your season.

Playable Highlights will be available in both player and manager saves.

Unified Menus

Career Mode is getting a facelift in FIFA 23, with EA Sports working to create a unified menu system across all modes.

This means that your Career Mode menus will look like those in Ultimate Team, providing a streamlined system regardless of which mode is your favorite.

Personality Traits

New to FIFA 23’s Player Career Mode are personality traits. How you choose to play will have more effect than ever, as it will help the game give you a personality trait that could improve your stats.

For example, a player who shoots a lot will have the Maverick personality as their dominant trait and could improve your finishing stats. Selfless players who are role models for their teammates will earn the Heartbeat trait, while creative types will be labeled Virtuosos.

Virgil Van Dijk kicking the ball in FIFA 23

Off-Pitch Activities

Making it at the top level of football isn’t just about what you do on the pitch. That’s why FIFA 23‘s Player Career Mode introduces Off-Pitch Activities. Hire a personal trainer to improve your fitness or buy a sauna to help avoid injuries, and get an advantage over opponents.

You can also be the ultimate team player and check in on injured teammates or relax in a games room at your house. What you do with your wages is up to you.

Transfer Evaluations

For managers, FIFA 23’s transfer market is going to be more difficult than ever, thanks to transfer evaluations. An in-game transfer analyst will review the cost, age, and potential of any signing you make, relay that information to your board and affect your manager rating.

Make smart transfers and bring in young, talented players, and you’ll be fine. Spend lots of money on too many older players past their prime, and the board may tell you to pack your bags.

Authentic Managers

For the first time, football fans will be able to take over clubs and play as authentic managers, mimicking the real world.

Whether you want to continue Jurgen Klopp’s heavy metal football era at Liverpool, or lead Manchester United back to the top of the game as Erik Ten Hag, there’s a manager for everyone in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 is set to be one of the biggest football games ever, with new FUT Hero Cards like Yaya Toure and Park Ji-Sung, and the return of Juventus. Make sure you’re ready for release day with the full FIFA 23 PC requirements.

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