FIFA 22 players call for EA to fix collision system

PSg's Mbappe in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 has a huge fan base, with many players enjoying the game’s online modes. However, some aren’t too happy with the collision system.

FIFA 22 has an abundance of modes to choose from, whether you enjoy playing with your friends on Pro Clubs or you like building your own team and dominating the divisions on Ultimate Team.

Although the modes are great, for those involved in the community, you’ll know just how many issues the game has.

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Now players are highlighting the collision system, claiming it needs to be fixed.

Haaland in FIFA 22

Reddit user milnerinho posted a clip in the FIFA subreddit with the caption: “EA, if you’re not gonna call this a foul, then maybe it’s time to fix your collision system.”

The clip is from Ultimate Team and shows the player breaking through and attacking but then being taken out recklessly by the opposition’s defender.

Of course, when you see a tackle like the one in the clip, you instantly think the referee is going to blow the whistle. However, as you could guess, that isn’t the case, and play continues despite the defender preventing a promising scoring opportunity without even touching the ball.

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This can be really disheartening and rage-inducing when you’re on the wrong end of a situation like this, as even the game doesn’t want you to succeed.

What’s worse is that loads of users in the comments have been expressing similar frustrations with the game’s collision system, with one reading: “Last year easy fouls were called, this year they did a full 180 and allowed literal K.O moves to be allowed.”

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Further, some are even saying that they have experienced the opposite, receiving red cards for tackles that are clean: “I got a red in my first game of draft while winning 2-1, I got the ball cleanly and got a red and a pen and lost the game 3-2.”

Hopefully, EA can fix this system in FIFA 22, and the fans don’t have to wait another year to see some improvements. For more, check out our piece on the Team of the Week 7 predictions.

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Image Credits: EA Sports

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