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Clever FIFA 22 trick makes scoring from corners easy

A FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player has shown off a neat way to deal with keen goalkeepers who come out at corner kicks.



real madrid header in fifa 22

Many players like to bring their goalkeeper off the line for corner kicks to vastly increase their chance of collecting the cross. However, a FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player has revealed an easy way to counter this and score from corners easily.

A game of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team provides you with so many different ways to score, and corner kicks are one of those many methods.

The art of a corner kick can be tricky to master, especially when the opposition goalkeeper is pretty much making the box even smaller by occupying more of it.

FIFA 22 Ultimate team has seen a fair share of players bringing their goalkeeper to the edge of the 6-yard area, but one player has found a way to punish these keen interlopers.

liverpool goalkeeper alisson commanding box

Whether you’ve just had a goal-bound shot parried away or worked a routine near the byline, earning a corner can be a great way to whip a ball in and get one of your best or tall, players to nod it in.

Only, that happens less frequently in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team as players enjoy bringing their GK off their line to come a bit further into the box. This drastically narrows your target and makes scoring from them much more difficult.

But thanks to Reddit user mrshandanar, there is a simple way to get around this issue, and it involves a bit of precision and ingenuity.

In the user’s game of FUT Rivals, the opponent brought their GK past the 6-yard area and pretty much made it so that any potential ball would be gathered by the keeper’s safe hands.

Undeterred, the user swapped their corner kick taker to the left-footed winger – Mohammed Salah. They aimed the guiding reticle so that was it was now squarely fixed on the exposed goal. Salah whipped in the corner at nearly maximum power and scored directly.

This is a very clever way to deal with pesky goalkeepers that want to make corners less effective, and if you can catch one out this way, then they’ll be sure to learn their lesson going forward.

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Image Credit: EA Sports