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When are FIFA 23 World Cup Icons coming to Ultimate Team?

World Cup Icons are making their way to FIFA 23 as boosted versions of their standard Ultimate Team cards. Here’s what you need to know.



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FIFA 23 players will get a chance to secure World Cup Icons during the current Ultimate Team event that is celebrating the historic tournament. Here’s what to expect, including the release date and how to get World Cup Icons in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 players are enjoying the slew of World Cup content that hit Ultimate Team as the illustrious tournament gets set to kick off. Until the World Cup comes to a close, FUT fans will be able to add some valuable cards to their squads via promos, free rewards, and SBCs.

The World Cup event will feature the first instance of Campaign Icons in FIFA 23. These boosted Icon cards are meant to honor players whose legacies are tied to the World Cup.

Here’s everything you need to know about World Cup Icons in FIFA 23 including their release date, ratings, and how to get them.

FIFA 23 World Cup Icons release date

FIFA 23 World Cup Icons will make their way to Ultimate Team on Friday, November 25. World Cup Icons will be the first instance of Campaign Icons we’ve seen in FIFA 23, and they’ll arrive as a promo during the World Cup event.

Team 1 will arrive on November 25, and it’s expected that Team 2 will hit Ultimate Team one week later on Friday, December 2. However, you may have already noticed that two World Cup Icons have made their way to FIFA 23 via World Cup Swaps.

What are FIFA 23 World Cup Icons & how to get them

Since World Cup Icons will be available in packs throughout the FIFA 23 promo, they will replace their Base and Mid versions.

The concept will be similar to the World Cup FUT Heroes promo that is currently active alongside Path to Glory in Ultimate Team.

While most will be available in packs and on the Transfer Market, some World Cup Icons will only be available via SBCs and Objectives. There’s no doubt that the SBCs will be incredibly expensive while the Objectives should be difficult to complete, given the stature of the cards.

Until January 4, players will also have the chance to redeem World Cup Icons through the Swaps program. Football legends Patrick Vieira and Cafu are up for grabs for 40 and 30 World Cup Swap Tokens respectively.

All FIFA 23 World Cup Icons & ratings

Every FIFA 23 World Cup Icon will boast an overall rating that is in between their Mid and Prime versions. Essentially, World Cup Icons are the second highest-rated Icon cards you can earn after Prime Icons.

For example, Prime Vieira has a rating of 91 and Base Vieira has a rating of 88, which explains his World Cup Icon rating of 90.

Patrick Vieira World Cup Icon FIFA 23

While Prime Icons will boast a higher overall rating, World Cup Icons may have higher individual attributes or a unique boost in Weak Foot or Skill Moves rating.

Here are the World Cup Icons available in FIFA 23 so far.

Player NameNationPositionRatingHow to get
Patrick VieiraFranceCM9040 World Cup Swaps Tokens
CafuBrazilRB9230 World Cup Swaps Tokens

As the promo kicks off with Team 1 on November 25, we’ll be sure to provide a full list of World Cup Icons in FIFA 23, followed by Team 2.

For more, check out our FIFA 23 World Cup Path to Glory upgrade tracker or how to earn World Cup End of Event rewards in Ultimate Team.

Image Credit: EA Sports / FUTBIN