How to complete EA FC 24 POTM Harry Maguire SBC: Cost & cheapest solutions

Aryan Singh
Harry Maguire holding his EA FC 24 POTM card

Manchester United center-back Harry Maguire has been named the EA FC 24 Premier League POTM for November. On that note, here’s how to complete Harry Maguire Premier League POTM SBC along with the cheapest solution.

There’s rarely a shortage of tempting SBCs to complete in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. These mini-challenges require a bit of investment but can reward players with some top-tier cards. While SBCs normally drop with new promos, the devs release POTM SBCs for Europe’s biggest leagues on a monthly basis.

With Harry Maguire being the Premier League POTM winner for November, players can get his special card in Ultimate Team. Here’s how to complete the Harry Maguire Premier League POTM SBC in EA FC 24, along with the cheapest solution.

How to complete Premier League POTM Maguire SBC in EA FC 24: Cost & cheapest solution

The POTM Maguire SBC in EA FC 24 requires just two squads to complete. In terms of investment, the SBC costs a total of 85,000 coins according to FUTBIN. The card itself features good defense and physical stats and even comes with the Slide Tackle PlayStyle+.

Check out the cheapest solutions for each POTM Maguire SBC in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team below:


  • Total Players: 11
  • Min players from England: 1
  • Team Rating: Minimum 84
EA FC 24 Harry Maguire POTM England SBC cheapest solution
The England SBC costs around 25.2k coins in EA FC 24.

Premier League

  • Total Players: 11
  • Premier League Players: Minimum one
  • Team Rating: Minimum 85
EA FC 24Harry Maguire POTM Premier League SBC cheapest solution

The EA FC 24 POTM Maguire SBC will be active until January 7, 2024, so fans have plenty of time to save up coins and rack up fodder cards to submit the necessary squads.

That was how to complete the EA FC 24 POTM Maguire SBC, including the cheapest solution. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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