How to use Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24

Aryan Singh
Sam Kerr in EA FC 24

EA FC 24 has introduced some neat new mechanics to the long-running series. This includes Controlled Sprint which has emerged as a must-know trick for players with a competitive edge. Here’s how to use Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 is a solid entry into EA Sports’ series of football sim games. The title sees the return of fan-favorites modes such as Ultimate Team and Career Mode along with some new features to keep things fresh. This includes gameplay mechanics that can add another dimension to your play style if used properly.

A great example of this is Controlled Sprint, which is being used by many EA FC 24 players. Despite being relatively simple to execute, the mechanic is an easy way to make opposition defenders look like traffic cones. On that note, here’s how to use Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24: Controlled Sprint explained

Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24 allows players to sprint at a slightly reduced speed but have greater control over the ball. The pace of the sprint is right in the middle of a full-blown R2/RT sprint and the standard movement speed using the left analog stick. Ball control is significantly tighter when using the mechanic as compared to full-speed sprints.

EA FC 24 Chiesa
Players like Federico Chiesa can get the best out of Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24.

To use Controlled Sprint, simply hold down the R1/RB button and move around with the left analog stick. For maximum effectiveness, target spaces between opposition players and use the left analog stick to move through them. The key is to bait tackles from your opponent and use Controlled Sprint to move away from them.

The mechanic is especially useful to get out of tight situations. Quick bursts through midfield with a technical player on the ball are made easier by Controlled Sprint, and the same goes for passing exchanges on the wings.

If your player’s back is turned towards an opposition defender in a tight spot, target the space just beyond them and flick the right analog stick in that direction. This will execute a standard knock forward but in a more controlled manner thanks to Controlled Sprint.

PlayStyles such as First Touch Control, Speed Dribbler, Fast Break, Technical, and Rapid yield the best results when combined with Controlled Sprint.

That was everything to know about Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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