First Diablo 4 expansion leaks reveal new class, region & more

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Season 2 Vampire Lord

After the announcement confirming annual expansions for Diablo 4 was made public, it was expected that soon the fans would have some information about the first DLC. That moment is reportedly here as there have been several leaks floating around the internet.

Diablo 4 Season 2 has been a major subject of discussion in the community as fans of the franchise are enjoying the cleansing of vampires in Sanctuary. With several new additions and tweaks made in the game after Season 1, the Season of Blood has been welcomed by fans.

Aside from the periodic seasons, Blizzard’s Franchise Manager, Rod Ferguson, announced the arrival of annual expansions in the game back in September. Now, several leaks have appeared on the internet as fans have reportedly discovered essential details about the first expansion.

Revealed by YbuBaKa on YouTube, Blizzard’s Technical Alpha build of version 2.0 was uploaded to its private testing branch where players were reportedly able to datamine information about the upcoming expansion. According to the leaks, it will be called Lord of Hatred, indicating the involvement of Prime Evil Mephisto in Diablo 4.

Keep in mind that Diablo 4’s campaign ended with Mephisto as a major subject of the story, so the upcoming expansion being about him makes sense to some fans. The leak also says the Kurast region from Diablo 2 will be added alongside several new features.

According to the leaks, a new class called “Spiritborn” is set to be introduced as the “files mention nature, wings and soaring.” Aside from that, it has also been mentioned that a Mercenary system might also be there in the upcoming expansion, “with its own equipment system/talent tree.” Raids are also “possibly coming” in Diablo 4 alongside Runestones, according to the leaks.

Keep in mind that none of this information is yet to be confirmed by the devs, and is just a rumored leak. With Season of Blood being the major focus of Diablo 4 right now, many expect that some news about the expansions could be revealed at BlizzCon starting on November 3, 2023.

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