All Diablo 4 post-beta changes: Class nerfs and buffs, Dungeons, more

Aakrit Sharma
Lilith in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 let people participate in an open beta event and millions of unique players jumped in to test the game’s mechanics. Now that the dust is settled, here’s a list of changes coming to Diablo 4 based on the open beta feedback.

Diablo 4 is filled with mechanics that require the developers’ attention, from classes and Renown to Skill Tree and Paragon Board. The open beta before the game’s official release was undoubtedly a great way to get quick feedback and make suitable amends.

Despite the server issues, the Diablo 4 open beta was a huge success. The fourth main game in the series looks promising but participants naturally had some suggestions and Blizzard has already implemented them.

On that note, here’s everything that has changed in Diablo 4 following the open beta.

Warrior classes in Diablo 4 during a battleDiablo 4 will have some of the most visually stunning cinematic story cutscenes.

Diablo 4 post-beta patch notes


All classes in Diablo 4 have received certain buffs and nerfs:


  • A flat 10% passive damage reduction has been added for the Barbarian Class. Some Skill Tree passives had their damage reduction effects reduced to compensate.
  • The Whirlwind Skill now deals more damage and consumes more Fury.
  • The Double Swing Skill Enhancement refunds its full Fury cost when used on Stunned or Knocked Down enemies.


  • Companion Skills will now deal heavily increased damage.
  • All Ultimate Skills have had their cooldowns reduced.
  • Usability improvements have been made to Maul and Pulverize.
  • Using a non-Shapeshifting Skill will transform a Druid back into their human form.

Druid felt slightly underwhelming at launch but the developers have decided to buff the class with increased companion damage and reduced cooldowns for Ultimate Skills.


  • Summoned Minions will die more often, requiring players to utilize Corpses more often.
  • Many bonuses in the Book of the Dead have had their stats increased.
  • The damage dealt by the Corpse Explosion skill has been reduced.
  • The brightness of the Skeletal Warriors and Mages has been reduced.

The fan-favorite Necromancer class has unfortunately been nerfed. Players heavily used the Corpse Explosion skill during the beta and nerfing it was essential for balancing the meta. Moreover, the minions will die sooner which will give you more chances to use Corpses.

Necromancer class in Diablo 4
Necromancer is one of the most popular warrior classes among Diablo players.


  • Upgrades for Subterfuge Skills have had their bonuses increased.
  • Multiple passive Skills have had their bonuses increased.
  • All Imbuement Skills have had their cooldowns increased.

The Rogue class has received two buffs and a nerf. Overall, this should improve the class’s performance and incentivize more players to choose it at the outset of their journey.


  • Charged Bolt’s damage was increased and the Mana cost to cast has decreased.
  • Decreased the damage of Chain Lightning and reduced its effectiveness against Bosses.
  • Decreased the cooldown for the Incinerate Skill’s Enchantment bonus.
  • Firewalls will now spawn underneath enemies more frequently when using its Enchantment bonus.
  • Increased the Lucky Hit chance for the Meteor Skill’s Enchantment bonus.

The Sorcerer already felt like the strongest class in the Diablo 4 open beta and the developers have buffed it even more. Some skills have shorter cooldowns while others have lesser Mana cost now.

Based on the changes, it seems like the developers are trying to make Barbarian and Druid better for the early game as these classes failed to impress most players in the open beta.


A village in Diablo 4
Diablo 4’s open world will be bigger than previous games.

Backtracking in Diablo 4 Dungeons improved

Dungeons in Diablo 4 now have improved backtracking. Apparently, players complained that Structure Objectives in Dungeons were hidden inside rooms that weren’t on the main path.

To fix this, Blizzard has added Structure Objectives to the main paths of these dungeons:

  • Caldera Gate
  • Defiled Catacombs
  • Derelict Lodge
  • Forbidden City
  • Hoarfrost Demise
  • Immortal Emanation
  • Kor Dragan Barracks
  • Maulwood
  • Rimescar Caverns

While the dungeons mentioned above are exclusively from Fractured Peaks, we might see similar mechanics in dungeons from the remaining four regions as well.

Changes in Diablo 4 dungeon gameplay

Diablo 4 open-beta players complained about the out-of-the-box nature of dungeon objectives. Every dungeon required you to kill a certain number of monsters and now, the last monsters in a dungeon will rush toward the player in a small group. This will save you the time and effort to search every bit of the dungeon manually.

Dungeon events that grant valuable loot after you defeat some enemies will also be more frequent in Diablo 4. Their spawn rate has been increased to 60% from the meager 10% we saw in the beta.

Apart from these changes, the developers have made several general quality-of-life upgrades. Some boss fights have been reevaluated to incorporate all playstyles while Cellars will finally guarantee a chest upon completion.

It is great to see Blizzard working on open-beta feedback to make Diablo 4 better. Many aspects of the gameplay are still under evaluation by the developers, and we can expect the final game to be in its best state on launch.

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Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment