New Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer reveals Season of the Hunt info

Andrew Highton

Alongside Bungie’s big new expansion – Beyond Light – we also have Season of the Hunt as well. A new trailer has been released giving players new information on the soon-to-be-released content.

Beyond Light is taking all the headlines at the moment for its new journey into the unknown with regards to its story and ideas. The shelving of much of Destiny 2’s content coupled with the introduction of new loot all highlights Bungie’s goal to steer their game in a new direction.

Its newest expansion has brought with it a huge amount of new content and the brand new Deep Stone Crypt raid to boot. But there is also Season of the Hunt, a year-long season pass that will inject even more life into the game. It’s already available, but Bungie is reminding you about the glorious benefits you can look forward to.

New Season of the Hunt trailer

hawkmoon in destiny 2

A season pass really extends the life of a game and offers players new items to enhance their gameplay experience. Beyond Light’s new Season of the Hunt inventory will be free to those who have this very pass.

Unless you have the Destiny 2: Beyond Light & Season of the Hunt bundle, then you can purchase then pass on its own for $10.

For those unaware, owners will get instant access to:

  • Duality – an exotic shotgun
  • Wild Hunt – an armor set
  • Hawkmoon – an exotic hand cannon that will be attainable through a brand new Exotic Quest that Bungie is set to announce soon.

The trailer also mentions the addition of new activities and rewards, and the chance to earn universal ornaments too. It carries on to say you can fight for more exotic and legendary weapons and rank up faster with XP boosts.

There will be a whopping 100+ rewards for players to embrace and this will all be in Season of the Hunt.

Check out the full trailer here.

Season of the Hunt officially started on November 10. We’ll update you with more Season of the Hunt info as we get it.

Image credits: Bungie