How to complete Destiny 2 Ascendant Mysteries: Ruins Of Wrath

Hamza Khalid
Destiny 2 Ascendant Mysteries

There are two Destiny 2 Ascendant Mysteries that you can solve at the Ruins of Wrath area to complete the Realmwalker Seal, and here’s what you need to do.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost brought plenty of fun new content such as Trials of Osiris rewards and bounties from Spider. The full roadmap showed that the devs have even more planned for the future.

The Ruins of Wrath location contains two Ascendant Mysteries that you can solve to complete the Realmwalker Seal.

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This guide will go over everything that you need to do.

Table of Contents

What are Destiny 2 Ascendant Mysteries

Destiny 2 Mara Sov character

Ascendant Mysteries serve as mini-events in each Destiny 2 mission, and the ones in the Ruins of Wrath revolve around the Hive god of war and Xivu Arath. You’ll need to complete a few specific tasks to solve them.

Each of these Ascendant Mysteries gives you a hint of what’s going to happen during this season. The ones in the Ruins of Wrath are connected to beacons that you need to align in the area.

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Lord Of The Undercroft: Finding Scoroboth

Scoroboth in Destiny 2

The first Ascendant Mystery will start you off next to the beacon in the Staging Area. Once you’re there, you’ll mainly need to make your way all the Tower in the area to solve it.

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Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Allign the first beacon to initiate this Ascendant Mystery event
  2. Go towards the Warbringer’s Tower
  3. Stand on the glowing platform in front of the entrance until the platform symbols light up
  4. Go through the door to the Warbringer’s Tower
  5. Drop down to the lower level and cross through the barrier
  6. Jump down to the Undercroft

Lord Of The Undercroft: Defeating Scoroboth

Relic in Destiny 2 Undercroft

When you arrive here, you’ll need to battle and defeat Scoroboth. You can get this done by collecting three Relics. Once you have these, you can throw these at the enemy.

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Here’s how you can get this done:

  1. Collect the first Relic in the room same room where you encounter Scoroboth, just behind the protected entrance to the Field of Strife
  2. Throw it at Scoroboth to knock out his shield
  3. Atack him until he loses about a third of his health
  4. Follow him down the next shaft to find him again
  5. Head through the doorway in the dark tunnels
  6. Turn right and follow the path until you find the glowing white Toland orb
  7. Carry it back to fight Scoroboth in the well-lit room
  8. Collect the last relic from the small alcove beneath the stairs
  9. Finish off Scoroboth to collect the Ascendant Mystery chest

Light The Way

The second beacon

Now that the first Ascendant Mystery has been solved, you’ll need to make your way to the second beacon. That will start the process of solving the second Ascendant Mystery in the area.

  1. Allign the second beacon to initiate this Ascendant Mystery event
  2. Make your way to the flaming spire through the Debris Field below
  3. Kill the Soulfire Exarch you encounter at the spire
  4. Collect the flaming Soulfire orb
  5. Follow the structure up ahead by the flaming spire
  6. Go down the path just past the walls with rib bones on them
  7. Use the orb to light the brazier at the center of the area
  8. Go through the Ascendant portal that has a Hive rune above it which matches the one on the wall
  9. Kill the Hive Exarch you encounter there
  10. Head back through the portal, and collect another Soulfire orb from the same brazier
  11. Go back through the same portal to light a brazier at the spire with the orb
  12. Go through the portal which has a marking that matches one of the marks on the walls of the first room (you can go back to check if they match)
  13. Keep doing this until you get to kill another Exarch and collect more orbs to light more braziers
  14. Once you’ve been through five portals, the last one will take you you to a spire on the Outer Islands
  15. Climb to the top and kill the Hive enemies,
  16. Eliminate the final Soulfire Exarch to claim the second Ascendant Mystery chest
Hive runes

That covers everything you need to do in order to solve the two Ascendant Mysteries in the Ruins of Wrath. This isn’t particularly difficult but might take a while to get done.

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We recommend bringing along some powerful weapons so that you remain prepared for various battles you’ll need to win in this area. Luckily, there are plenty of terrific PVE and PVP weapons to choose from.

For more Destiny 2, you can check out how to open Umbral Engrams and the recaster location, and stay tuned to Charlie INTEL.

Image Credit: Bungie

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