Destiny 2 adding auto-fire feature to aid accessibility

Liam Mackay
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Destiny 2 is adding a feature that allows players to auto-fire semi-automatic weapons as part of a new accessibility initiative.

Destiny 2 players who experience hand pain and other problems will be glad to hear that Bungie will be adding a new option that allows them to turn semi-automatic weapons full-auto.

Rather than having to repeatedly press the trigger or mouse to get the most from semi-automatic weapons such as Scout Rifles, players will soon only need to hold the button.

As part of their accessibility initiative, devs have explained why the exclusive new feature is being added.

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Bungie’s Senor Designer, Robert Schuster, explained what inspired them to add the inclusive setting. In an inclusivity blog post, he wrote, “I was hesitant at first to mention [to Chris] one of my barriers: fast-firing non-automatic weapons like Scout Rifles and Hand Cannons cause me hand pain during longer sessions.

“Why couldn’t we have a way to enable auto-fire on these kinds of weapons? I braced for a negative response. Instead, he heartily agreed and mentioned it was something he had already been considering as something that we could work toward including in the game.”

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While some players were concerned with balance in a now-removed Reddit post, many were delighted to see the inclusion. Reddit user psn_mrbobbyboy said, “I could NOT be happier for this QOL change. I suffer with arthritis, and this would make some of my favorite weapons viable at last. GG, bungie!”

There’s no confirmation of a release date for the quality of life change, but Bungie urged players to “stay tuned for more updates.”

Alongside announcing this new feature, Bungie is thinking of adding an “Accessibility Forum” on their website to separate the feedback from other issues and help highlight it more than before.

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Image Credit: Bungie