Vanguard’s under-the-map exploit is completely ruining multiplayer matches

Hamza Khalid
Brenn LMG in Vanguard Dome map

A strange new exploit has been discovered that allows Vanguard players to hide beneath the surface of the Dome map and shoot at their enemies above.

Vanguard players have experienced their fair share of strange glitches and exploits that have different effects on gameplay, including some that let you teleport through walls or use the flamethrower infinitely.

Now, there are reports of a game-breaking map exploit that lets players hide underneath the surface of the map and rack up kills, leaving many in the CoD Vanguard community understandably frustrated.

Dome in CoD Vanguard

Reddit user ‘PainInfinite’ shared a clip in the CoD Vanguard subreddit, showcasing them being shot at by enemies that they couldn’t see while playing on the Dome map. The killcam then revealed that the gunfire was coming from beneath the ground.

The enemy player was somehow able to position themself deep under the surface of the map to shoot at the Redditor from below, and PainInfinite was unable to do anything to fight back against this attack.

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This led to many of the commenters expressing their frustration with the player using the exploit, and one user asked: “How is doing exploits like this even fun for the person doing it? I don’t understand.”

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At the time of writing, it’s unclear exactly how players can perform this exploit, so we might not need to worry about this becoming a widespread issue. However, it still makes matches unfair since there’s no way to counter it.

It remains to be seen whether or not Sledgehammer Games will address this issue, and one player had a suggestion for them: “They should disable this map till they fix it. What’s fun about exploiting the map or playing against it?”

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Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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