Zombie Bus “Delivery 1-7” has arrived -UPDATE


CallofDuty.com has updated their news page to drop the 7 Zombie Bus deliveries!

This is it! The bus is pulling into the depot – better grab that delivery before the undead beats you to it. Once the bus is gone, so are the goods.

“This here looks like it might be good for something.”

Remember guys, Treyarch has promised all new Zombie footage sometime this Friday Oct. 12th.


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“Missed the Drop”:

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DROP 2’s description:

Catch a ride on the bus and grab the latest delivery – you might just survive one more round.

“This should do, uh… somethin’!”

DROP 3’s description:

We’re pulling up to a new stop in Tranzit with another delivery for you.

Don’t get carried away with all this excitement!

”I wonder if this thing might fit with that other thing?”

DROP 4’s description:

Another piece to the inevitable zombie carnage puzzle is in place. Download it now before you’re kicking yourself that it’s gone.

“Yep, I know exactly what that is, absolutely!”

DROP 5’s description:

Walking across Tranzit is deadly, and repeatedly knife-killing every zombie is hard work!

Thankfully, the bus can help you with both – catch a ride on the bus in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 Zombies, and grab the latest delivery for intel on adding some variety to your zombie thrashing.

“This should be the capper for this thing!”

DROP 6’s description:

Why would the bus drive around zombies when it can drive right through them? On that note, why spend all round head-shotting the horde when you can use delivery #6 to survive?

“We should not let this type of equipment go to waste.”

DROP 7’s description:

The zombies love this latest delivery, just be careful not to become its contents yourself.

On second thought, maybe that would be a better alternative to a relentless hunger for human flesh (having glowing blue eyes could be cool, though).

SOURCE: CallofDuty.com

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