Warzone devs respond to major MW3 sniper issue making you miss shots

Nathan Warby
MORS Sniper Modern Warfare 3

The new MORS Sniper Rifle has dominated Warzone and MW3 since arriving in Season 3, but the devs have been forced to respond to an aiming glitch causing players to miss easy shots.

MW3 and Warzone Season 3 brought plenty of new guns to the game, but none have been as well-received as the MORS. The Advanced Warfare Sniper Rifle has instantly become a meta pick in both titles, but its arrival hasn’t been without issues.

The devs have responded to a problem with the weapon’s optic, which is causing players to miss shots that, from their point of view, should land.

“Our team is aware of an issue causing a slight optic misalignment with the MORS Sniper Rifle which may cause shots that appear on-target to miss,” said the devs in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

They went on to say that a fix for the problem is “scheduled” to arrive in a “future game update.” However, they didn’t give an exact timeframe for when the patch will arrive.

With an optic that isn’t properly aligned, the area that a player is aiming at won’t match where the bullet actually goes when fired. This means that a perfectly lined-up headshot might end up hitting the target lower than intended, or miss them completely.

Despite these aiming issues, the MORS has quickly become a fan-favorite once again across both MW3 and Warzone. Its more lightweight feel has made it a strong choice in multiplayer, while its one-shot potential has seen it take over Urzisktan and Rebirth Island.

Once the update has been released and the optic alignment has been fixed, don’t be surprised to see it become even more popular in the coming weeks.

There is currently no official word on when the patch will arrive, but players are expecting it to drop sooner rather than later, as many also expect the Renetti Pistol to receive a major nerf.

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