Warzone AR transforms into broken SMG thanks to underrated Conversion Kit

Joseph Pascoulis
holger 556 in mw3 with jak buzzsaw attachment

A slept-on Warzone Assault Rifle is actually an excellent close-range option with a rapid TTK thanks to its Conversion Kit.

Warzone has so many Conversion Kits for various weapons that completely change a weapon’s behavior. The JAK Buzzsaw turns the Holger 556 Assault Rifle from a standard mid-to-long-range fully automatic gun to a close-range monster with a double barrel.

While this Conversion Kit makes the Holger 556’s damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control worse, it greatly improves the weapon’s ammo capacity, aim walking speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and effectiveness in close-quarters combat thanks to it now shooting two bullets per shot.

The double barrel is what makes this weapon so powerful, especially in Tac-Stance, as you can maintain mobility and accuracy while taking advantage of the two bullets per shot. In hipfire, it’s harder to hit targets as the two shots spread out, but in ADS and Tac-Stance, these bullets choke together, making it more accurate.

Anything outside of close ranges significantly decreases its accuracy and the chance of you hitting those two bullets per shot, so we heavily recommend using the Holger 556 with the JAK Buzzsaw as an SMG in Warzone.

I’m not the only one loving the Warzone JAK Buzzsaw either, as popular content creator Metaphor also highlighted the Conversion Kit in their May 27 YouTube video, in which they say the Holger 556’s Aftermarket Part is “broken.”

Metaphor explained that the Holger 556 with the JAK Buzzsaw is “underrated,” recommending people try it due to its power up close. Its TTK is very competitive for close range, but as Metaphor says it’s slightly “awkward to use,” but once you get used to it, you’ll be shredding enemies.

If you’re sick of using the Striker 9 and WSP-9, make sure you give this a go, as it may retain its power for the Warzone Season 4 update due to being so underused.