Black Ops 4’s DLC 3 and 4 will conclude the Aether Storyline

During today’s Studio Livestream, Zombies Lead Writer, Craig Houston, has confirmed that the final two Zombies Experiences for Black Ops 4 will conclude the Aether Storyline and that he is “very busy” working on them at the moment.

The Aether Storyline began in 2008 with the release of Nacht der Untoten and has continued through 2018’s Blood of the Dead. This storyline encompasses everything that happens in the multiple realities revolving around Richtofen and crew.

While the Aether storyline has seemingly concluded several times already with Moon, Origins, and Revelations, this time seems to be legit. With the Chaos storyline finally picking up with Ancient Evil, Treyarch will be able to focus on one universe for future Zombies experience.

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These next two maps will conclude the current “season” of Zombies, we still do not know what that means and when, or if, there will be a second season.

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