Top 10 Multiplayer Tips for Black Ops 4 Beginners

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Amp up your Black Ops 4 multiplayer game with these bits of advice.

While many gamers picking up Black Ops 4 this year are series veterans, there are also millions of players who’s first Call of Duty will be this one.

Whether you are looking for a simple refresher, or need an introductory course in Call of Duty, ‘TheXclusiveAce‘ has you covered.

He gathered a detailed list of 10 pieces of advice that will help to greatly improve your performance in multiplayer lobbies. While these tips are in no way meant for the experienced CoD player, it still is worth checking out to make sure your bases are covered.

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Buddy up – With a longer time to kill than previous Call of Duty’s, it’s going to take a couple more bullets to take down enemies. To combat this, Ace suggests you buddy up and always have someone by your side to help deal that additional damage. Don’t worry about not getting credit for the kill though, because kill assists grant more points than prior entries and count as kills on the scoreboard.

Stay away from body armor – When it comes to what gear you should have equipped, avoid Body Armor. Since it is only useful for one encounter per life, it’s not as effective as the other gear. Armor breaks after getting shot a couple times, yet the Stim Shot lets you heal faster throughout your whole life, thus making it more effective.

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Attachments over perks – Though rocking a perk in each slot feels like the right thing to do after so many years, don’t be afraid to ditch some. When it comes down to gunfights, attachments are what will keep you on top rather than most perks.

Ghost (Perk) Sucks! – While in past Call of Duty’s Ghost may have been a snipers best friend, it’s essentially useless this time around. The perk only keeps you undetectable while you are a at a full sprint. Slow down to reload or scope out an area, the Ghost perk stops working and you can be detected by UAVs.

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Remember to heal – One of the most common things new players forgot to do in Black Ops 4 multiplayer is healing. With no regenerative health, healing is very critical to staying alive online. If waiting for your heal to cool down too often, make sure to equip Stim Shot.

Gung-Ho (Perk) – If you find yourself unable to react fast enough to incoming fire while sprinting, try using Gung-Ho. Found in the Perk 2 slot, this allows you to “Fire your weapon and use Equipment while sprinting, recover from sprint faster. Move at full speed when reloading.” Ace calls it his crutch perk, and for good reasons.

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Use Cover – Regardless of game, in all first person shooters, taking cover is something you should always be thinking about. Pay attention to boxes, walls, or debris that you can shoot from behind. Don’t forget this basic tip!

Adjust your sensitivity – Finding the perfect sensitivity may take some time, but don’t be afraid to stray away from the default settings. Black Ops 4 offers more granular sensitivity settings so make sure to take advantage of that.

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Use a Rocket Launcher – Even if you don’t have the greatest reaction times, you can be a great asset to your team if using a rocket launcher. The Hellion Salvo can take out all scorestreaks in just a couple of shots. Removing those powerful beasts from the air will have the whole team thanking you immensely.

Learn from your mistakes – Since this is some great life advice, of course it would work in Black Ops 4. Every time you die, take a step back and try to assess why you did. Do you keep rushing the same point with the same strategy? Maybe next time you spawn, go down a different hallway, or use a different class.

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Check out the video below to see TheXclusiveAce’s full guide:

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