Three New Weapons + new set of Royalty weapons available now on Xbox One

Three new weapons – AK47, M16, and CEL-3 Cauterizer – and a the third and final set of Royalty weapons for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are available now on Xbox One. The three new weapons and royalty variants have been added into the Regular and Advanced Supply Drops.

AK-47, M16, and CEL-3:

As with the previous release of weapons, players must earn one of the new weapons variants in a Regular or Advanced Supply Drop before the base variant unlocks.

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This fan-favorite fully automatic Assault Rifle can deliver some great damage at close to medium range. Players will want to be careful and fire the weapon in short bursts to keep the recoil under control.


This three-round burst Assault Rifle offers a little more damage than the ARX-160, but adds a slightly longer delay between bursts. It’s a great weapon to use on long sight-lines, just don’t get caught off guard from someone flanking you, and be prepared with a solid secondary weapon if they get too close.


This fully automatic directed energy shotgun functions very similar to how it is in Exo-Zombies. There’s a small delay between the first and second shot as the chambers on the CEL-3 turn, but if the trigger is held down after the 2nd shot it will have an increased fire rate.

New set of Royalty Variants:

In addition to the three new weapons, Sledgehammer Games has also added new set of Royalty variants on Xbox One. The graphic in the gallery below shows which weapons:

The three new weapons and new royalty variants will be available at a later date on the PlayStation 4 and PC. As with the other weapon releases, these weapons will not be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 because of hardware limitations.


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