Secret “overpowered” Warzone attachment perfectly counters campers & Riot Shields

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone drill charge attachment

Warzone expert and content creator Metaphor has revealed an underused, overpowered attachment that is perfect against campers and riot shield users.

Warzone has so many weapons and attachment options that sometimes strong builds can get overlooked. Players tend to stick to the meta, but in reality, there are many ways for players to experience the game when it comes to weaponry.

Depending on your playstyle, you may find success with a particular weapon or build that others may struggle with.

Players don’t tend to use out-of-the-ordinary attachments, but popular content creator Metaphor decided to try out the KL40-M2 Drill underbarrel attachment on the Kastov 762, finding it to be surprisingly “overpowered.”

The KL40-M2 is essentially a Drill Charge launcher, as the underbarrel attachment allows you to switch to the launcher while using the weapon and fire up to 7 Drill Charges toward enemies.

Most Warzone players will know just how strong Drill Charges are, but the fact that you get 7 with this attachment and can “spam” them makes it extremely overpowered.

Metaphor advises players to use the Fast Hands Perk with this attachment, as it allows you to reload the Drill Charge launcher extremely fast. This will allow you to fire them quickly and “completely take an entire building down with just Drill Charges and push the hell out of people.”

The attachment also provides some recoil stabilization, so it’s not just a nothing attachment, as Metaphor believes the attachment is “actually viable.”

Further, if you feel as if you encounter a lot of Riot Shield users, especially in Solos, then this attachment could be perfect for you, as it effectively counters Riot Shield users and players who like to camp in buildings.

The Warzone expert says the attachment is “serious business” and “highly recommends” that players try it out. To unlock the attachment, you will have to stick enemy players with 10 Drill Charges, but this can be done fairly quickly in Shipment 24/7 on Modern Warfare 2.

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