Secret MW3 Zombies attachments let “most OP” gun one-shot Tier 3 bosses

Joseph Pascoulis

MW3 Zombies expert MrDalekJD has revealed secret attachments that turn the Lockwood 680 into the “most OP weapon” for taking out enemies in the Tier 3 zone.

MW3 Zombies can pose quite a challenge, especially if you manage to make your way to the new Dark Aether area. While Tier 1 and 2 aren’t the most difficult areas, even if you’re geared up with Perks and Pack-A-Punched guns, Tier 3 is always tough to survive.

That said, some weapons are much stronger than others, and while you may be lucky enough to get a Wonder Weapon or even build one with a Schematic, MrDalekJD believes the “most OP weapon” in MW3 Zombies can be taken into a match using your custom loadout.

The Lockwood 680 may not stand out as the best guns to use in MW3 Zombies, but thanks to MrDalekJD’s discovery, there are two attachments that turn this weapon into a “one-shot” machine, even in Tier 3.

The two attachments you’ll need for the Lockwood 680 are the Lockwood Defender Heavy Long Barrel and the 12 Gauge Slug ammunition. The former provides more range, bullet velocity, and also increases your rounds from four to 10, while the slug rounds provide even more damage range and bullet velocity.

Once you Pack-A-Punch this weapon, there will be “10 individual slugs fired rather than just one.” Then, if you aim down sights and shoot the weapon, the spread is a lot tighter, essentially allowing you to hit 10 slug rounds all in one area.

According to the Zombies expert, this allows the weapon to “one shot most zombies and bosses inside of the Tier 3 zone,” even when you’re out of Shotgun range. This weapon makes fights against the Mega Abomination and other difficult bosses “incredibly fun and easy.”

You’ll need to level up the Lockwood 680 in order to unlock the attachments necessary, but you can do so fairly quickly in either multiplayer or Zombies, just make sure you use the Shotgun as much as you can.

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