Scump labels MW3’s SBMM “way worse” than any other CoD

Liam Mackay
Scump and Rust in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 is here and while players love playing a more traditional Call of Duty experience, skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) has been a major complaint. Former pro player and top content creator Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has weighed in, calling SBMM the worst it’s ever been.

Skill-based matchmaking has long been a complaint in the Call of Duty community, where players feel they’re punished for playing well. They say that after having a good game, they’ll be thrown into a lobby with extremely skilled players which makes for a frustrating experience, especially when playing with off-meta weapons for grinding camos.

Activision and the developers have been silent on the topic but the complaints have risen once again with Modern Warfare 3‘s launch with Call of Duty royalty, Scump, saying that “Skill-based this year feels way worse than any other year.”

“I think skill-based this year is super cranked,” said Scump on November 23’s OpTic Podcast. “I don’t know if that’s because the player base is going down or what the f**k’s happening.

“And then people come in and they’re like ‘Why are you bitching, you’re a pro player, you should be able to kill anybody.’ It’s like dude, I’m using a Sidewinder going for f**cking camos, getting slide canceled by MCWs and Rival-9‘s the whole game.”

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OpTic Pamaj compared Modern Warfare 3’s SBMM with Black Ops Cold War, saying it was also “crazy” at launch.

“Off the rip [Cold War’s SBMM] was bad,” Scump agreed. “But towards the middle of the game’s lifespan, when the sweats started going to play Warzone … it got a lot better.”

So, there’s a chance MW3’s strict skill-based matchmaking will ease off once the player base is more spread out after Warzone’s new Urzikstan map arrives on December 6. However, Scump feels it’s “crazy right now” and it’s been “frustrating going for camos and having to deal with it.”

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