RUMOR: Details on WWII’s Headquarters, Quartermaster, and Armory found in WWII PC Beta files

The leaks on Reddit continue following the PC Beta. This time the leak is about the Headquarters, gives first details about the possible Quartermaster, Gunsmith, and Armory.


Welcome to the Live Lobby, soldier. While you’re here you’re going to gear up, get to know your comrades, and relax before the fighting starts. There’s a lot to do on the base before heading out to the front lines, so let’s get started.

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  • Meet the Requisitions Officer
  • Pick up credits from Payroll
  • Acquire supply drop from Quartermaster
  • Open your supply drop
  • Shoot 5 Targets at Firing Range
  • Press &&1 to inspect your weapon
  • Return to the Requisitions Officer

In addition to first details on the Headquarters, details on the game’s Quartermaster have been found in the beta files.

The Quartermaster is your one-stop-shop for gear, weapons, and all other types of loot. Get supplied and get back in the fight.

Alongside the Quartermaster, there is a new Gunsmith in Call of Duty: WWII. Gunsmith will allow players to ‘forge’ weapons.

Here some of the code strings found in the game files surrounding the Gunsmith:

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  • Maker of Fine Weapons of Warfare.
  • Weapon Forged!
  • Test, Customize, and Equip your Scorestreaks
  • Browse Scorestreak Loot
  • All the gear you have and wish you had ()
  • Inventory_GetCraftedWeaponContent
  • Inventory_PlayerHasPartsForWeapon

Call of Duty: WWII also features the Armory. The Armory appears to be the new place for Supply Drops. The key system in this game is called Armory Credits, which can be earned through play time.

Players can get drops in the Armory using Armory Credits or CoD Points.

  • You can purchase new items using Armory Credits and CoD Points.
  • Command has seen it fit to reward you with Armory Credits to spend on supplies. Come back every so often to get outfitted again.
  • You don’t have enough Armory Credits to purchase this item.
  • Can’t afford armory drop. 100 armory credits required.
  • ArmoryConfirmRedeemAllDuplicates()
  • s2_armory_credits_icon
  • Inventory_ConvertItemToArmoryCredit
  • Heroic Challenge – Hold &&1 To Purchase

There are also references to Armory Drops, with a drop for each of the different types of weapon classes:

  • Armory Drop – Launcher
  • Armory Drop – LMG
  • Armory Drop – Melee
  • Armory Drop – Pistol
  • Armory Drop – Rifle
  • Armory Drop – Shotgun
  • Armory Drop – SMG
  • Armory Drop – Sniper

There are also “Orders Rewards,” where you can get bonus Armory Credits:

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  • 50 Armory Credits Reward
  • 30 Armory Credits Reward
  • 70 Armory Credits Reward

The game features Daily Orders, Weekly Orders, and Special Contracts. These give you different rewards for completing different tasks.

Daily Orders description from the PC beta files:

Report to Major Marcus Howard on a daily basis to receive your orders and get the highest amount of rewards. Complete and redeem six Daily Orders within 24 hours to receive a unique reward.

You’ve completed an Order! Go to your Orders screen to redeem it for rewards.

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Press [{togglemenu}] to redeem your Orders for rewards.

Weekly Order description from PC beta files: 

Complete and redeem three Weekly Orders within 7 days to receive a unique reward.

Activision has not confirmed the above information, nor have specific details on how the Supply Drop system in this game have been announced yet. Lot of the items listed above could be placeholders and may not be in the final game.


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