Patch Update 1.17 now live for Infinite Warfare on PS4/XB1/PC

Keshav Bhat

A new patch update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, version 1.17, is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! The new update activates the new Days of Summer content for the game, alongside many new Quartermaster updates and more.


Featured Content and What’s New:

  • •Days of Summer Event!
  • Bounties in Zombies
  • Grandma Knows Best Announcer Pack
  • Hero Rigs
    • Warfighter – Omar
    • Merc – Reyes
    • Synaptic – Ethan
    • FTL – Salter
    • Stryker – Price
    • Phantom – Ghost
  • Weapons
    • Trek-50 (single fire ballistic sniper rifle)
    • Proteus (sniper/shotgun combo)
    • M.127 (lever-action shotgun)
  • Gold, Diamond, Solar, Black Sky (non-loot) Progression Body and Heads for All Rigs

General Fixes

  • Fix for a bug where the R-C8 may use an incorrect primary weapon while the player has an empty P-LAW equipped
  • Fix for the progress bar not appearing for some Soul Challenges in zombies
  • Fix for a bug where a player using the Cold Blooded perk would see allied Wardens highlighted red when looking through a thermal scope, using the T.H.O.R.’s thermal vision, or using the Synaptic’s Reaper mode
  • Increased strength of emissive camos (including Black Sky)
  • ‘Recently Collected’ added to the QM screen displaying recent items
  • Fix for weapon challenges not showing any progress for weapons unlocked via challenges while in splitscreen

SOURCE: Reddit

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