Nuketown and Blackjack’s Shop now live in Black Ops 4 on Xbox One and PC

Keshav Bhat

Treyarch has officially released the Nuketown map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for free on Xbox One and PC, alongside PS4. The new Blackjack’s Shop is also live in the Black Market on Xbox One and PC. The map is available on Xbox One and PC with the latest patch update version 1.07.

Nuketown is available to play in multiplayer, making the total number of maps available in MP 15.

Alongside Nuketown, Blackjack’s Shop is now live on Xbox One and PC — bringing a new way for players to unlock gear in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The Daily Content in the shop rotates every 24 hours, with the Featured Content updating every 5 days.

The Blackjack’s Shop is one of Call of Duty’s first direct purchase system since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Players used to be able to directly purchase customization items they wanted to till Supply Drops were introduced to the series. This marks a new way for players to get directly what they want to use in-game, but not all items in the Contraband Streams and Special Event Streams will be in the shop — the shop has its own set of unique items coming.

Players can purchase items in the Blackjack’s Shop using Call of Duty Points, the in-game currency available to purchase in the in-game store.

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