New playlist update (Nov. 12th) for Infinite Warfare brings Zombies updates

A new playlist update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare went live on November 12th on PS4 and Xbox One, which brought many fixes to the Zombies mode.

It also activated 2XP in Zombies in Spaceland for Solo and Custom Games, alongside Public Matches, for the rest of the weekend.

  • Bang Bangs recoil reduced
  • Trail Blazers damage buff
  • Health tweaks to the Brute
  • Arcane attachment damage buff
  • Various fixes to the Alien boss fight
  • Misc bug and exploit fixes
  • Allow player to do exquisite quest before end of UFO EE
  • Pause Spawning briefly when reviving from Afterlife Arcade in Solo Mode
  • Fortune Cards Ordered by Rarity
  • Fixed the Boombox exploding damaging the speaker in the DJ quest
  • Melee Improvements
  • Various UI Fixes
  • Reduce Max Ammo Cooldown
  • Attachment selection fixes with certain Prototype Weapons
  • Various fixes for using certain combinations of perks, cards, and weapon attachments
  • Fortune Cards are consumed if players leave a match before it ends
  • Leaderboards were incorrectly summing scenes instead of posting highest Scene, this will be posting properly now.


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