New CWL rule set announced ahead of CWL Dallas

Ahead of CWL Dallas, Activision has announced an updated CWL rule set.

Changes from CWL Competitive Guidelines

  • FMJ added to the Restricted Attachments list
  • Molotov Cocktail added to the Restricted Scorestreaks list
  • Gridiron – gametype removed from competitive rotation
  • Capture the Flag: St Marie Du Mont removed from the competitive rotation
  • Capture the Flag: Respawn timer changed to 7.5 seconds
  • Search and Destroy: Gibraltar removed from the competitive rotation
  • All gametypes: Explosive Delay: 7.5 seconds This explosive delay will help provide players with more opportunities to navigate the map off spawn, while still allowing players to utilize the increased grenade throw distance from the Expeditionary Division.

SOURCE: Reddit

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