MW3 players slam “lame” Santa’s Slayground rewards not worth the effort

Joseph Pascoulis
santa's right hand finishing move in mw3

MW3 players are not impressed with the rewards on offer for the Christmas-themed Santa’s Slayground event, claiming it’s not even worth the effort.

The Christmas spirit has arrived in Modern Warfare 3 with CODMAS, as players can now hop into new holiday-themed modes such as Snowfight and Slay Ride Resurgence for Warzone.

On top of new modes, players can also earn some new Christmas-themed rewards with the Santa’s Slayground event. By playing and completing challenges in the Santa’s Slayground Event tab, you can earn rewards such as a Weapon Sticker, Weapon Charm, Operator Finishing Move, and even a Weapon Blueprint for the DG-58 LSW.

That said, players are not too impressed with these rewards, as Reddit user ‘Dalvinyoung’ said, “Is it just me or are these event rewards lame af and not even worth getting lol?”

Others also felt that the rewards are underwhelming, as one comment read, “Only that goofy execution is worth it,” while another said, “The execution and tier skip is all that really matters lol.”

While some are disappointed with the MW3 CODMAS event content, there are players in the comments that highlight the free aspect of these rewards, feeling as if the community should “just be glad we get anything.”

“It’s free? Who cares? They’ve done like 4 events already. No one can be just happy…Jesus,” said one player, while another shared a similar sentiment, “Leave it to this sub to complain about free stuff.”

All the rewards up for grabs in the Santa’s Slayground event are completely free, all players need to do is complete challenges to unlock them. With that said, players can just complete the challenges for the items they want and leave the rest if they’re not interested.

There will likely be many more events to come for MW3, so we’ll have to wait and see if future rewards are up to the community’s standards. For now, check out everything we know about the Vortex event coming to MW3.

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