MW3 players slam “dated” The Walking Dead crossover that’s years too late

Nathan Warby
Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead in MW3

Both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone are getting a The Walking Dead crossover in Season 2, bringing Rick Grimes and Michonne to the game. However, players have called out the collab for feeling like it’s out of date.

Call of Duty players have been treated to plenty of crossovers, with the likes of Evil Dead’s Ash Williams, The Boys, and even Skeletor joining the series. Now, with Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 on the horizon, the devs have revealed the latest major collaboration they have planned.

The Season 2 update is set to deliver the long-rumored crossover with The Walking Dead, bringing iconic characters Rick Grimes and Michonne to MW3 and Warzone.

However, although plenty of fans were delighted to see skins from such a beloved series announced, many have called out the collab for feeling too late. Reddit user ‘Kalinine’ shared the Season 2 key art showing Grimes alongside Ghost and some players quickly called it out.

“A Walking Dead crossover in the year of our lord 2024. Cutting edge stuff,” said one reply, before another added: Crossover so late I might as well expect Walter White to show up sometime.”

The main The Walking Dead series aired in 2010 before coming to an end in 2022 with its 11th season. However, its popularity dipped towards the end of the show’s run, with many viewers jumping ship after Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes left the show back in Season 9.

As a handful of MW3 players pointed out, both Rick and Michonne are set to star in a new series titled The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, set to air in February 2024, which is likely the reason that the crossover is taking place now.

However, others still argued that a Walking Dead collab in 2024 feels like a missed opportunity when the series’ popularity is well past its peak.

“This feels so dated, no cares about this show. If it was 2011 I’d be going crazy for this now it just feels weird and dated lol,” said one reply, with another chiming in: “The Walking Dead hasn’t been culturally relevant in 10 years.”

It hasn’t been revealed how players will be able to unlock Rick Grimes and Michonne in MW3 Season 2, but it’ll likely be through the CoD Store. Despite some backlash, don’t be surprised to see The Walking Dead crossover become fairly popular once it arrives.

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