Michael Condrey says if SHG had released Advanced Warfare 2 this year, ‘fans wouldn’t be as excited’

Keshav Bhat

In an interview with Trusted Reviews, Michael Condrey spoke briefly about the possibilities of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2.

Condrey said they decided right after Advanced Warfare 1 released that they wanted to go back to WWII era for Call of Duty: WWII as they heard fan feedback to return back to the old days of Call of Duty. WWII is the first new Call of Duty title since Call of Duty: Ghosts to return to boots on the ground.

Condrey said that if SHG had developed Advanced Warfare 2, ‘fans wouldn’t be as excited.’

“I think the most interesting and challenging part of those conversations is trying to predict where the industry is going to be in three years,” Condrey says. “What are going to be the trends in entertainment? What are going to be the trends in hardware and technology?

“That conversation will come about what we do next. Like coming out of Advanced Warfare, we’ll listen to fans, and coming out of November 3 it’ll be great to hear what fans love and where there’s opportunities to continue to improve the game. But we haven’t started that process yet, but it’ll be an interesting one, because coming out of Advanced Warfare it would have been natural for us to do Advanced Warfare 2, however I think we can all agree if we were doing Advanced Warfare 2 right now fans wouldn’t be as excited.”

“I think we’ll need that same discipline and rigour around what comes next. Certainly we love doing the historicals. Certainly we love doing World War II, it’s something we’re very passionate about.”

SOURCE: Trusted Reviews

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