All loot items will be ‘cosmetic-only’ and ‘thematically appropriate’ during the launch window, beyond not clear yet

Keshav Bhat

In GameInformer’s newest podcast, the hosts talk about some new details they learned from their trip to Sledgehammer Games. We posted a recap of the big new MP details they shared here, but there is one particular thing they talked about which we thought deserved a separate post.

GameInformer talked about the supply drops and loot system in Call of Duty: WWII. They stated that SHG told them WWII loot will be cosmetic only and thematically appropriate during the launch window. SHG did not comment on what type of content will become available in the loot pool beyond that window.

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Here’s exactly what GameInformer reporters said in their podcast:

“At least at launch they are going to be cosmetic only. We don’t know about after that. There was a lot of framing like, you know, during the launch window, we’re gonna keep it cosmetic only.

All these emotes and loot are period-specific. Even for that, they also said for launch window, it’s going to be period-specific. But you know, it might get whacky.”

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SOURCE: GameInformer

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