Latest SHG Community Update: Dom XL coming end of March, new holiday event coming soon

Keshav Bhat

Sledgehammer Games has posted their latest community update for Call of Duty: WWII.

In this update, SHG talks about DOM XL, Heroic Weapon Bribes, Paint Shop, and more:

  • Leaderboards not updating: SHG recently pushed through a fix for leaderboards not updating.
  • DOM XL: SHG plans to roll out DOM XL at the end of March after a special upcoming holiday event. More details on this event are coming soon.
  • Heroic Weapon Bribe: This past week, a Heroic Weapon Bribe Special Order went live in-game; however, the bribe was not working as intended – being dupe-protected. SHG removed the bribe for now.
  • Hardcore Team Killing/Ricochet. SHG will run a separate HC playlist with ricochet so that when you shoot a teammate, you take damage instead of them. This will be available starting March 9.
  • SHG says a ‘massive update’ due out in a few weeks will bring some new weapons and uniforms. No information provided yet, other than the teaser image (which is the featured image of this article above).
  • Paint Shop. The testing has taken longer than SHG initially expected. SHG says that they shouldn’t have mentioned timing before the feature was 100% ready. No final date has been determined yet.


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