How to get secret Broken Silence Lockwood 680 Blueprint in MW3 & Warzone

Nathan Warby
Broken Silence Blueprint in MW3 and Warzone

MW3 and Warzone players have the opportunity to earn the free Broken Silence Lockwood 680 Blueprint by completing a set of secret Redeployment Missions.

However, unlike the ongoing Retro Warfare event, these objectives and rewards aren’t available for everyone. So, here’s everything you need to know about to get the challenges and unlock this free weapon Blueprint.

How to unlock Redeployment Missions in MW3 & Warzone

Redeployment Missions are only available to players who haven’t logged into Warzone or MW3 for an extended period of time. However, it isn’t clear how long you must have been absent to access the secret challenges.

But, to give you an idea, we dropped in on an account that hadn’t played in around three weeks and they didn’t appear. So, with this in mind, it appears that your account needs to have been dormant for at least a month, possibly longer.

If you are eligible for these exclusive objects, you’ll see Redploymemnt Missions listed under the “What’s Hot” section of the main menu.

Redeployment Missions in MW3 menu
You’ll find the Missions on the home screen if you’ve unlocked them.

All Redeployment Missions and rewards

Log in one dayConcerning Rain (Calling Card)
Log in two daysDouble Battle Pass XP Token
Log in three daysDouble Battle Pass XP Token
Log in four daysDouble Battle Pass XP Token
Log in five daysUnlock all other rewards
Unlock all other daily login rewardsBroken Silence (Lockwood 680 Blueprint)
Play a total of five hours of Warzone, MW3 multiplayer, or ZombiesDouble Player XP Token
Earn a total of 200,000 XP in Warzone, MW3 multiplayer, or ZombiesDouble Weapon XP Token

The Redeployment Missions only require to log in on five separate days before July 11. Each day will earn you a new reward while getting all five will unlock the free Broken Silence Blueprint for the Lockwood 680 Shotgun.

Although these objectives are available to a limited pool of players, there are still plenty of other rewards up for grabs for those who play regularly. These included the Mutation Resurgence rewards, as well as the Weekly Challenges to earn Aftermarket Parts like the