Deus Ex developer and game sites comment on Black Ops 3 & Deus Ex similarities


By now it might be hard to ignore the similarities between Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Body augmentation and a civil war between regular humans and “augmented humans” seem to be the main theme for both games.

Prior to today’s teaser it appeared only cybernetic enhancements were the only common factors, however, the recent Black Ops 3 teaser hinted at a civil war between “humans and cyborgs” and that’s when people started chiming in.

The official Deus Ex Twitter account had this to say after the teaser trailer went live:

Major same sites also noted the similarities:

…and then the Deus Ex Executive Art Director, Jonathan J-B decided to fire a couple of shots:

It should be noted that both games have been in development for a couple years already, long before either game was announced. Deus Ex might have revealed their title first but Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has the luxury of coming out first. We’ll know for sure how similar they are when Black Ops 3 gets a proper reveal this Sunday so stay tuned….

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