David Vonderhaar answers some MP questions in latest OneOfSwords PodCast

Keshav Bhat

On the latest episode of OneOfSwords Podcast, David Vonderhaar made an appearance and answered some MP questions.

-There is NO Last Stand, NO Second Chance, and NO Final Stand in Multiplayer; only in Zombies
-Score streaks: If you have a UAV, unused, and get another UAV, you will only have ONE. If you use your first UAV then earn another one, you can use it.
-Create-a-Class unlocks at Level 4
-Highest Level per prestige: 55, which means you have 55 unlock tokens by then. There are more than 100 things to unlock so you cannot unlock everything in one prestige.
-Right before prestiging, you can choose ONE thing to carry over
-Aggressive style actions (ex: Capturing a Flag in CTF) gets you more score points than a kill in CTF game mode. Same for other objective based modes.
-If you remove all 10 points, you always get a Combat Knife
-Emblem Editor: MORE layers, more control over colors. More info coming at end of September
-“Revenge Voice”-hearing the player you just killed. It is ON in Public Games. Option to on/off in Custom Games
-Scoreboard shows Captures, Defends, etc.
-Score values keep changing in their builds. Changed 3 times since Gamescom.

SOURCE: OneOfSwords

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