Daily Callings in Black Ops 4 Zombies showing up in PC version

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Daily Callings in Zombies mode are now appearing in Black Ops 4 on PC.

While console players received a large update file on December 3, Treyarch may have just sneaked in a little something extra prior to Today’s PC update. 

The Reddit post detailing Patch Update 1.08 told us to “Stay tuned for more information on what’s in store for the Black Ops 4 Zombies experience starting next week.” However, it looks like some of that may have already begun to drop.

As of writing, Daily Callings are once again active in Zombies, although only on PC, not consoles.

Today’s Calling asks players to simply survive 30 total rounds and be rewarded with 1,000XP and 20 Nebulium Plasma used to purchase Elixirs.

After completing the Calling, players must then wait until the next daily reset for a new challenge, and new reward.

Callings were originally mentioned during the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 reveal event on May 17, 2018. They made their first appearance during the Halloween event when players could unlock themed face paints for their characters by completing a series of challenges like earning headshots, kills, etc.

Also mentioned during the Black Ops 4 reveal event were ‘Factions’. While not much is known about Factions, they are intended to “add a new layer to the Zombies experience” as well as “add another dimension to the story.” 

Treyarch has not yet mentioned if these Daily Callings will stay in the PC version, or when they will be coming to consoles. We will update you accordingly.

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