Call of Duty: Elite integration with Ghosts officially announced; ‘Call of Duty’ App coming

Keshav Bhat

Activision, Infinity Ward, and Beachhead Studio has officially revealed how Call of Duty: ELITE will work with Call of Duty: Ghosts MP this fall.

New benefits:

  • Take profile from current gen to next gen.
  • Brand new Call of Duty app- brings back popular features of ELITE – and introduces new tracking features. Change loadout.
  • Second Screen support – enhance – pre match – edit squad before match; pick load for next spawn; share your stats via Twitter
  • CLANS: Join clans, create, and manage all in-game or app.
    • Communication via messages
    • Rally Up
    • Touch based emblem editor for your Clan
    • Clan XP for any MP match with Clan
    • Clan vs. Clan playlist!
    • Can have Xbox 360 or Xbox One players
    • CLAN WARS – direct to Ghosts MP.

The new Mobile App has:

  • The Call of Duty App includes some of the best and most popular features from Call of Duty® Elite, such as tracking your career stats, as well as the ability to check out a friend’s or rival’s stats.
  • Communicate via the Rally Up and Clan Chat features, to keep in touch with your friends and Clan members
  • Second Screen functionality is there to enhance your experience, and not get in the way.Pre match, you can edit your squad. In match, you have one-touch access to swap your loadout for your next spawn.

The app will release this fall alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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