Call of Duty Points will be available in Call of Duty: WWII on Nov. 21 (delayed 1 week) as SHG works to fix game issues

Keshav Bhat

As many in-game server related issues, as well as other issues, continue to persist for many users, Activision has issued an update stating that Call of Duty Points will now become available in Call of Duty: WWII starting Tuesday, November 21.

As an update to an earlier announcement, the COD Points live date has been shifted to November 21. As a Digital Edition owner, your bonus of 1,100 COD Points will be awarded at that time.

Call of Duty Points were originally scheduled to become available in Call of Duty: WWII on November 14. Activision Support also says that for those who purchased a digital edition of Call of Duty: WWII, the bonus 1,100 Call of Duty Points will become available when CP goes live in game on November 21.

Call of Duty Points can be used to purchase Rare Supply Drops in Call of Duty: WWII, both for MP and Zombies. Rare Supply Drops will cost 200 Call of Duty Points. Players can acquire the drops with CP starting Nov. 21 in the Quartermaster in Headquarters.

SOURCE: Activision Support

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