Neymar Jr. teases the return of ‘Hijacked’ in Blackout

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Professional soccer player Neymar Jr. posted a video to Instagram showing a ‘Hijacked’ poster in the background.

The Brazilian superstar was teasing his Black Ops 4 stream on December 3, posting a video of him hyping up the broadcast.

In the background of his image, a poster for the Black Ops 2 map ‘Hijacked’ can be seen hanging behind him. What makes this interesting is that the classic map is nowhere to be seen in Black Ops 4. This seems to be a new poster which has not been used in any prior Call of Duty promotional material.

This looks to be a hint for a new addition to the Blackout map after lead designer, David Vonderhaar, recently mentioned updates were coming to the map.

On November 28, he tweeted “We are on record as saying that we are more interested in adding/subtracting and morphing this map then making new maps”

‘Hijacked’ has a history of appearing in other Call of Duty games besides its own, such as the remade version for Black Ops 3, ‘Skyjacked’.

At the time of writing it is all still speculation, with Activision yet to confirm any of the info. Stay tuned for updates.

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