Blackout player pulls off incredible Bowie Knife-only win

Call of Duty player gets first place in Blackout without using a gun.

Since the Blackout mode launched with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 in October, players have been finding creative ways to score the coveted #1 spot. One player has challenged themselves to go through an entire match killing enemies exclusively with the Bowie Knife.

On November 23, user “Apotheosis_13” uploaded a jaw-dropping 22 minute long video to their channel. In it, the player can be seen going on an absolute rampage scoring eight Bowie Knife kills, as well as the victory.

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The video shows Apotheosis_13 dropping on Asylum and start a seemingly ordinary game. After looting a couple guns and perks, he finally finds a Bowie Knife where his slaughter begins. Lunging forward in the blink of eye, the Bowie Knife kills enemies with one hit.  

While the player does in fact receive assistance from equipment and perks, all kills are done solely with the Knife. They even pull off some tricky tactics with the final kill, grappling outside the circle in one swipe their final prey.

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The Bowie Knife, a Zombies mode classic, has been added to the Blackout arsenal on November 13 for PS4 players, and November 20 for Xbox One and PC players. While most may skip over the tactical blade when given the opportunity, this video proves that when placed in the right hands, the Bowie Knife is not to be ignored.

Watch the full video here to witness all eight kills:

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