Black Ops Pass owners get 2X Tier Boost in Black Ops 4, share map access through May 28

Keshav Bhat

With the latest game settings update for Black Ops 4, Treyarch has added in a 2X Tier Boost for all Black Ops Pass owners, giving them the ability to rank through the Operation tiers faster.

In addition, some Black Ops Pass owners are also reporting that they’re getting 5 free Reserve Crates in Black Ops 4 upon logging in.

Based on the tweets, if one member of the party has the Black Ops Pass, the entire party gets the 2X Tier Boost as long as the party member stays in the group.

This would be one of the first bonuses Activision has offered for the game’s Black Ops Pass, as many fans have been complaining about the lack of content for the Pass owners.

Treyarch has not confirmed what exactly is happening in regards to this, so stay tuned.

Image via @WhosImmortal