Black Ops 2 news to expect on Monday at E3


Most likely to be shown:
-Campaign mission “Protect P.O.T.U.S” during Microsoft Conference ()
-Strike Force Mission ()

The “Protect P.O.T.U.S” mission and a Strike Force mission have already been shown off to the press recently. And in MW3, the footage shown during E3 was shown to the press prior to E3.

Also, if you remember, Mark Lamia played the “Payback” mission in Black Ops, and Robert Bowling played the “Hunter Killer” mission in MW3 during the Microsoft E3 press conference. The “Black Tuesday” mission in MW3 was also shown the following day when E3 started and aired exclusively on G4TV.

Xbox 360 Exclusivity extended?:
-This would be the time for them to reveal if they were extending it. The current contract expires December 31st this year. So if the Microsoft conference ends without any Call of Duty exclusivity announcement, then PlayStation 3 owners can breathe a sigh of relief..

Other Consoles:
-It’s rumored Treyarch has been hiring for a next-gen console, it’s possible we might see a Wii-U Black Ops 2 announced.
-It’s already officially confirmed that an unknown Call of Duty game is in the works for the PS VITA. This would be the place to show it because the Vita needs all the help it could get.

Make sure to check back here Monday as we’ll be uploading the new footage as soon as it hits YouTube..

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