ATVI says purchase intent for Advanced Warfare is ‘significantly above’ that of Ghosts, says CoD isn’t immune to industry preorder declines

Keshav Bhat

In the Activision quarterly earnings call, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg stated that purchase intent for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is significantly higher than that of Ghosts at this time last year, based on internal metrics. Hirshberg stated that the intent is higher even with the multiplayer portion of the title not being revealed yet.

In terms of preorders, Activision said they expect Advanced Warfare to lead the industry in preorder numbers, but stated that Call of Duty isn’t immune to industry wide preorder decline. Preorder declines are also associated with players wanting to go Day One digital, and not preorder the title before hand.  Factors include “increased digital consumption, particularly on the next-gen consoles, titles being widely available on day one, and the decline overall of demand for software on previous-gen consoles.”

“However, within that context, we still expect for Call of Duty to lead the industry in pre-orders once again this year,” he added. “We look to other metrics as well, and we’re seeing a lot of strength in those metrics… It’s important to note that pre-orders are just one data point that we look at in determining the momentum of a franchise like this.”

Sledgehammer Games and Activision plan to unveil Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer on August 11th at 10am PT.

SOURCE: Activision via GameSpot

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