Activision could add NFTs to Call of Duty according to new leak

Juggernaut and Weapon Skin in CoD

NFTs are a hot topic, and it seems that Activision could dip a toe into the controversial scene, with a well-known leaker claiming the company are “considering” the inclusion of non-fungible tokens in upcoming Call of Duty titles.

If you’ve been on the internet over the past year, it’s been impossible to avoid NFTs. While some see them as the future of technology, others view them as possible scams.

From independent creators to soccer clubs like Liverpool FC, plenty of people and organizations are getting involved in NFTs, and according to a well-known Call of Duty leaker, Activision could be next.

Call of Duty's in-game store

RalphsValve, who recently claimed that Modern Warfare 2 has 11 development teams working on it, discussed the possibility in tweets on April 4.

“With the overhaul in Call of Duty’s UX/UI, Infinity Ward plans to personalize [Activision accounts], incorporating Global Calling Cards, Emblems, Avatars, and Statistics,” he wrote. “NFT Inclusion is reportedly being considered by Activision.”

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“NFTs have been under review, and in consideration, for a few months.”

While Ralph says that Activision are thinking about NFTs, it could still fall through, especially after the backlash EA received after calling them “the future of our industry.” Ubisoft were slammed after introducing NFTs into Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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How NFTs would work in Call of Duty remains to be seen. It may be that certain emblems, calling cards, or skins could only be purchased as NFTs, but that could leave players frustrated that they’re missing out on cool cosmetics.

Of course, this is all just a leak for now, so take it all with a pinch of salt. Whether Activision chooses to follow through on this idea remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any developments.

Image Credits: Activision

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