Will Warzone Operators & skins transfer to Warzone 2?

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Operators skins transfer to Warzone 2

Warzone players have accumulated a ton of Operators and skins over the last two years, and with Warzone 2 set for a November 16 launch, some players want to know if their cosmetics will carry over.

Warzone 2 is right around the corner and the sequel is set to deliver the new Al Mazrah map, Interrogation mechanic, Backpack system, and a ton of new features.

As players get set to dominate the new Gulag and tackle Strongholds, they’ll be wondering if they can do so in some of their favorite skins they’ve stockpiled throughout their original Warzone journey.

Here’s what you need to know about Operators and skins transferring over to Warzone 2.

Will Warzone Operators & skins transfer to Warzone 2?

Godzilla and Kong Operator skins Warzone Vanguard Season 3

The developers confirmed in an official blog post that Warzone players will not be able to transfer inventory to the sequel, including any Operators, blueprints, and weapon cosmetics from the original game.

The sequel will offer players a clean slate and feature content from Modern Warfare 2, including brand-new progression and inventories. The original Warzone is set to continue as a separate experience, after a brief pause following the launch of Warzone 2.

In the past two years, Warzone has received several groundbreaking crossovers with Attack on Titan, Snoop Dogg, and Godzilla vs Kong. These crossovers brought jaw-dropping cosmetics, but you’ll not be able to transfer them into Warzone 2.

Mechagodzilla Warzone and Vanguard cosmetic skin

This may be disappointing to players that purchased Operator bundles from the in-game store. by spending CoD points, hoping to try them out in Warzone 2. However, you’ll still be able to unlock new cosmetics that will be available in the sequel.

There’s no doubt that in due time, the developers will reveal new and exciting collaborations that will bring must-see Operators to Warzone 2.

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