Warzone’s most frustrating weapon has Season 5 Reloaded’s highest win rate

Andrew Highton
vehicle chase in cod warzone caldera

The ever-changing meta in Warzone has seen one of the game’s most frustrating weapons be catapulted to the summit in terms of the best win percentage.

After over 2 and a half years in the spotlight, Warzone is drawing to a close. The end is near with the upcoming launch of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 all set to displace the OG Warzone as the CoD’s de facto battle royale.

There has been a ton of different meta changes during its time, but a new one is apparently finding great success in the game’s later stages, despite how much it infuriates players.

Combat Shield is taking over Warzone

Many players know the pain of trying to take down an enemy player who has whipped out their Combat Shield and is effortlessly swatting away a barrage of bullets.

Well, it seems like that strategy is only being adopted by only a handful of Warzone players, but the ones who do use it are benefiting massively.

The stats at WZRanked indicate that not only does the Combat Shield have the best win rate percentage at 6.66%, but it’s distanced itself from the pack with the Gorenko Anti-Rifle clocking in in second place at 5.45%.

combat shield weapon in warzone

In short, the Combat Shield is statistically your best bet for racking up wins in Caldera right now, and this will obviously irk some players who get frustrated coming against a player hiding behind their Combat Shield.

For a game that’s all about fights and gunplay, the idea of hiding behind a Combat Shield feels very counter-intuitive to many CoD Warzone players. But evidence would suggest that it’s also a very effective strategy if you choose to employ it – as it has been in the past too.

Whether Warzone 2 includes some kind of shield remains to be seen, but we do know that it will feature the brand new DMZ mode, as well as many changes, such as Loadout drops, as a result of early feedback.

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