Warzone’s detested ‘melee lunge’ mechanic doesn’t exist, claim JGOD & TrueGameData

Liam Mackay
warzone player using melee weapon

Warzone players have long complained about the ‘melee lunge’ mechanic, where players can seemingly beat down opponents from an incredible distance. However, Warzone experts JGOD and TrueGameData say it doesn’t exist.

Melee has always been an extremely powerful tool in Warzone, where you can often batter opponents faster than they can kill you with a gun. Players have never been content with the melee, prompting Raven to nerf the starter pistol’s melee damage.

However, it’s the ‘melee lunge’ mechanic that’s been the source of most of the frustration, where it looks like players are meleeing opponents from incredible distances. After a player took to Twitter to complain, experts JGOD and TrueGameData shut down the claim that melee lunge exists.

warzone player using kali sticks

Twitter user shaunBens showed another example of the ‘melee lunge,’ jumping off a roof and seemingly still getting battered by the player who was several feet behind. After taking to Twitter to complain, they were swiftly shut down by JGOD.

“It’s called desync,” JGOD explained, which means that the server registered the hits late when recreating them in the killcam. TrueGameData, who delves deep into Warzone’s weapons stats, agreed. “I’m glad someone out there gets it,” they replied to JGOD.

Explaining the situation further, JGOD reiterated that it’s desync, and said: “that’s why people never have clips from the 1st person pov, they are always kill cams.” JGOD is arguing that if you saw the melee from the player’s POV, not the killcam, it would look normal.

Not everyone is convinced, however. A few players brought up the December 9 patch notes, where ‘Lunge Distance’ was decreased across several Cold War melee weapons.

They appear to be separate issues, though. The melee lunge that most players complain about is where they appear to be melee’d from far away, while it seems the lunge that Raven Software nerfed was similar to MW2’s Commando Perk, where melee-ing would drag the player close for the kill.

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Image Credit: Activision

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