What is Warzone Visions of Verdansk? Vanguard Pacific map event, release date, leaks, more

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Warzone captain price and vanguard pacific gameplay

If leaks are to be believed, Raven Software will mark the end of Warzone as we know it with one final ‘Visions of Verdansk’ event that introduces the new Pacific-themed Vanguard map. Here’s everything we know about this leaked event so far.

In April 2021, Warzone’s The Destruction of Verdansk event marked the end of its modern setting and brought Verdansk back to the 1980s to coincide with Black Ops Cold War and its ongoing story.

Soon, to integrate with Call of Duty: Vanguard, Warzone will shift to a brand-new Pacific-themed map. Leaks and data-mined files have indicated that a ‘Visions of Verdansk’ event will usher in this new era, so here’s everything we know about Verdansk’s final hours.

What is Warzone’s Vision of Verdansk event?

Warzone’s Visions of Verdansk is believed to be the in-game event that will mark the end of Verdansk and introduce the new Pacific map.

Fortnite revolutionized in-game marketing with its live events, and Activision are following suit in Warzone. Both Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard were revealed inside Warzone, and of course, we had the nuke event to bring us back to Verdansk ’84.

Warzone leakers ModenasHD and Alaix discovered “ONBOARDING/VOV_HINT” in the game files, and suggested that this means Visions of Verdansk. They have also said that it’s marked as a “Live Event.”

Warzone Visions of Verdansk gameplay changes

Alaix also discovered the Warzone event will bring back features from previous seasons, as players should “prepare for flashbacks from the past.”


According to the game files discovered by Alaix, Visions of Verdansk will have the following gameplay features:

  • Revisiting Events
  • Enhanced Rewards
  • Expanded Buy Station

With Revisiting Events, “Every new circle starts a random event,” and players should “prepare for flashbacks from the past.”

The Enhanced Rewards feature appears to reward players with “memories of yesterday, with a chance of Powerups or Keycards.” So, it appears that the bunkers may open up again, and perhaps the Juggernaut suit will be more common.

The files also say that “New Items are in stock. Loadout Makers can be purchased after the Loadout Event.” Loadout Makers could be ‘Loadout Markers,’ which drop in your purchased loadout – but there’s no way of knowing yet. And the Loadout Event could be the free drops that happen or something new entirely.

Warzone Visions of Verdansk start date

Call of Duty Vanguard campaign gameplay

As the Visions of Verdansk event has only been leaked, for now, there’s no way of knowing when the event may occur. However, the most likely time is the end of November/early December either just before or after Warzone Season 6 ends.

Of course, there’s no official confirmation that Visions of Verdansk will arrive in Warzone. Plenty of content such as equippable helmets have been found in the files and never made their way to Verdansk.

However, Vanguard will definitely usher in the new Pacific Warzone map, so stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all updates.

Image Credit: Activision

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